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You wrote the book. Let us worry about the website.

We have curated webpages ready for your information. Just select your genre,
fill out the form and in 10 minutes
you can have a web presence.

We Provide

Website hosting for your author page

Search engine optimized templates with custom URLs

A community filled with tips and best practices for optimizing your book on digital platforms

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  Pick your package 

 Get started with a free 7-day trial! 

Get started with a free 7-day trial! 

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Get started

  • Create your account

  • Look for an email from us with links to our template pages

  • Fill out the form

  • Publish your site!


You’ll have a URL right away, and a custom URL to your mailbox in 2-3day business days. 


Join our community

Once you’ve set up your author page, create a user profile and check out the marketing tips and tricks for our community.

Social media content strategy plan

Making the most out of your favorite social media platforms

Marketing materials store where you can customize and on-demand purchase materials for your book shows

A list of editors and graphic designers for your future creative endeavors 

"The most important part of writing a book is actually to sit down and write it!"

Nicole Loughan, To Murder a Saint


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excited for them.

New Authors need a community of reviewers and readers. Take a look at their books today and leave a review if you can.

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