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Karleigh Backus

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A girl gets kidnapped because she ran away from her parents, she hitchhiked and trusted a family with 3 kids and his wife. They locked her in a basement and only let her out to watch their kids and to get tortured. Brynn tried so hard to escape until she couldn't take it anymore. She grabbed a knife in the kitchen she said a prayer to be saved then she heard the kidnappers pull into the driveway and she stabbed her jugular vein and it was all over. All the pain. All the suffering. Everything. Until she wakes up. It was a nightmare she couldn't end it still in the same house, trapped. Until she escaped.

"I'm not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful." - Marilyn Monroe


About The Author

Shy Portrait

Hi, I am Karleigh Backus. At a young age, I loved reading about crime so for a class project and this is what I wrote.

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