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An author story Khalid Uddin

How do I move my existing website to a new platform?

Khalid Uddin wanted a new website to promote his books, but he had already gone in pretty deep with another platform and provider. He had purchased a unique URL, he had purchased an SSL certificate and didn't know how to change platforms without disrupting his site or service.

That is where the team at The Author Website stepped in. We moved him from his existing site over to The Author Website in a matter of minutes. It's not a long process to move sites if you know how to do it. We can make the process seamless.

To actually make the site Kal shared with our team what he wanted. Picking out some of his favorite sites and colors. We took his direction and created a color palate to start to build his brand. Each semi-custom and custom site will come with a brand kit for you, with your fonts and colors to use to maintain your brand. Kal came with his own series logo, a series logo can be created as an add on for an additional fee.

Kal got exactly what we wanted a site with unique image and dynamic backdrops that moved when scrolled on a laptop. The mobile optimized site drops the effect to maximize small format viewing. Check out how we integrated all of his favorite elements at

Though his site is finished we are supporting Kal with additional help to get found on Google.



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