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Gift Ideas for the Writer in Your Life

Writers give the gift of stories, but sometimes the compensation isn’t as fantastic as the effort. If you know a writer who could use a little support for their efforts we have ideas for you. As writers we would love any of these under our tree, hint… hint.

Desk Chair

Like it or not, writing involves lots of time sitting. Here are three chairs at different price points to support (pun absolutely intended) the writers in your life. Check out our Amazon picks for best writers

The Amazon Basics office chair

Priced under $100 this could be a great solution for the starving artist.

The Versatile Desk Chair

This one is also under $100 and comes in multiple colors like white or even a stylish pink.

Mechanical Keyboard

Ask anyone who writes on a mechanical’s a better experience than the tiny, flat keyboards we’ve grown accustomed to with our new technology. Check out these two keyboards for a fun upgrade.

The Colorful Choice

Cute, colorful and wireless makes this the perfect addition to your home office. This keyboard comes in a variety of colors and is priced under $50 .

Budget Upgrade

This keyboard is marketing for gaming and typing. It is corded, but it does offer that satisfying click. If you want to go game without the wire the price has to go above this budget friendly option under $50.

Gaming and Greatness

While this Razor keyboard is not marketed specifically for writing it is what I used. I also have the matching pink mouse. It's great for both gaming and writing. If you have a little more stretch in your budget don't count out a great gaming set up.

Extra Monitor

When you’re editing your manuscript, it’s helpful to have an extra monitor so you can easily reference between different documents and so you can see any tracked changes without having to constantly scroll or squint.


This design takes full advantage of every inch by offering images that go to the edge.

Gaming to the Rescue

Again gaming monitors come in budget friendly to the writer's rescue.

Bonus Picks for notebooks and Pens!

And Finally..... Kindle

The Kindle Paperwhite

Writers are readers. The Kindle Paperwhite offers a great reading experience for the indie author lovers in your life.


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