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Dr. Cynthia Logan

"Cynder in the Garden of Lapis is a very readable and clever tale of a young teenager faced with the typical teen adolescent angst, a young woman who loves gardening and ponders endless questions about her missing father. The volume is dialogue-driven, and there are very nice touches involving fairies big and small, dreams, a strange box of tokens and symbols, and even a kidnapping."

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Dr. Cynthia Logan

Meet the Author

The First in the Cynder series, Cynder in the Garden of Lapis, will open your mind to realms and dimensions that you didn’t know were possible.
14-year-old loner, Cynder Zappa, tries to figure out
where she belongs in the world. Suspicious that her mother is practicing magic and may be a witch, she tries to stay clear of her mother’s realm of magic.
Not knowing anyone in her family, but her mother, Cynder sets out to find her father and the story behind her maternal grandmother. What secret is so painful that her mother cannot talk about it?
Cynder refuses to follow in the footsteps of the
women in her family.
Until now.
Cynder meets a fairy in the garden who directs her to the magic box for answers. Cynder cautiously
gets into the magic box and finds many life
changing discoveries.
She is thrown into a world that is dangerous and magical, and is compelled to help save an autistic boy in danger. What special connection does she have with this boy?
Will Cynder find all that she is looking for in a
family? Will she put herself in danger to know more? Will she learn to focus on other things in life besides her own needs?


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If you love a fast-paced, mystical read, download a sample or buy Cynder in the Garden of Lapis today. Book club questions and other activities are included. 

Watch for book two in the series where Cynder takes on bullying. 

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