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About us

We’re two authors, entrepreneurs, and moms who want to make your writing and publishing experience better. 


We know from first-hand experience that writing a book is only the first step in the process. Publicizing and marketing your book so you can gain readers is the next step…and it can be intimating. 


We’ve made the process easier for you by providing a simple tool to build your author website in minutes. Or, we'll remove the burden from you completely and build you your dream custom author website.  


We’ve also developed guides to help you start marketing your book on social media and in the press, as well as, toolkits to make your book swag easy. 


We offer more than author websites. We’re building a community of writers and creators who are sharing in the publishing process. 


We can’t wait to meet you!

Nicole & Libby


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Meet The Team

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About Nicole

I have several identities, but author is one that I hold particularly dear. I published my first book nearly ten years ago and learned first-hand that writing a book can change your life. For some people writing a book offers catharsis, a chance to have your story heard and felt by others. Some people want to tell a story to supplement other endeavors. Some people just want to promote a topic they are passionate about. If you are here, it’s because you have a story to tell.


While there are several non-monetary reasons to write a book, when I published money was certainly a consideration. I had no idea that the book I published would be magical. Not that there was any magic in my stories, maybe a little voodoo, but the book would change the trajectory of my life. I sold more than 40,000 copies of my first book, and thousands of other titles as I created sequels and a new stand-alone novel. I was selected for a funded Audiobook by ACX an Amazon subsidiary. I was part of Amazon’s first prime-reads program, and I went on to win an award from Writer’s Digest.


The Author Website is a place that I wish had existed when I started in the publishing world. It’s a place to share publishing experiences and promote yourself with a website without having to be a designer. I’m so happy you found my website and I hope you will join us as we embark on publishing adventures together.


Now I’d love for you to join The Author Website and as a marketer, I have to say I would also love to see you buy my book! You can find it on Amazon at:


About Libby

Hi, I’m Libby. I’m the one who loves words, coffee, and aliens more than the average joe. 


I’m a mother to a beautiful toddler. The wife to a loving albeit stereotypical professor. A writer of serial fiction. A lover of ancient aliens. And, a director of science communications by day.


I like my coffee iced, my tacos spicy, and my popcorn smothered in butter and nutritional yeast.


I’ve spent my career using the latest digital tools to share science and technology topics with the world. I wanted to create The Author Website because I saw so many of my author friends struggling to take the next step with their stories.


I’m also what’s referred to as a know-it-all. I like to share. I like to help. So, it felt natural to build this platform with Nicole to help support fellow authors rather than holding on to the information. 


I’m thrilled you’ve found us. 




You can read my YA serial Trium: A Secret Society, on Amazon Kindle Vella


P.S., I have a new serial launching soon. I can’t wait to share it with you!

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