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E.A. Caruso

Featured Serial

Trium – A Secret Society 

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My thoughts raced, "Trium, RUN, society, RUN, dead, RUN." But where could I go? Nowhere was safe.


Nineteen-year-old Aleta has already lost too much. When her remaining family is murdered, she's left to follow a tangled web of clues to find the truth about herself, her origins, and the family she barely knew.


Nothing prepared her for the role she'd have to assume, and what she discovers is far darker, more dangerous, and closer to her heart than she ever could have imagined.


New episode weekly at Kindle Vella.

I'm E.A. Caruso (a.k.a. Libby). I love words, coffee, and aliens more than the average joe.


I’m a mother to a beautiful toddler. The wife to a loving albeit stereotypical professor. A writer of serial fiction. A lover of ancient aliens. And a science writer by day.

I like my coffee iced, my tacos spicy, and my popcorn smothered in butter and nutritional yeast.

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