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The Nixland Saga

 “It’s not what is upon this island, but what is underneath that interests me.”

Otto Lidenbrock, Evil Lurking

Evil Lurking

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It’s starting…

Half-orc Ututur Bunour has made a place for himself in peaceful Nixland. He has good friends, an Elvin apprentice who is like a son to him, and a thriving business. Most of all he is respected as the supply master for the country’s army. That’s all about to change.

It’s hiding…

When he discovers the reemergence of dark magic, the stomach-churning truth is too much for him to ignore. He’s willing to risk his

business, his friends, his apprentice, and most of all his reputation to expose the dark magic poisoning The Land of the Twelve Moons.

It’s lurking…

Ututur defeats the evil forces easily…maybe too easily. Is it his Elvin apprentice that gave him the upper hand, his healer friend, his half-orc blood that helped them defeat evil… or has it only grown stronger? Will Ututur and his companions claim a true victory and banish

the evil in time.


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John Park

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My love of books began early in my childhood. I was born in Korea and I moved to Singapore
when I was seven. While I grew up traveling all over the world, I settled in the United States. I
went to high school in Pennsylvania, Franklin and Marshall College, University of Pennsylvania
for Graduate School, and Cardozo Law School. My career path included being a teacher, a
firefighter and owning a real estate business. I also worked for the US government for a short
period of time and I was elected to a local school board for over ten years.

The first book I really fell in love with was a book I received when I was seven years old. I remember my mother bought me this book to help me learn English. It was a large book on mammals. It had almost all of the known mammals in alphabetical order. There was a full color photo of each animal, a small world map of their habitat and a short paragraph about the animal. I loved looking at the color photos and reading about each of the creatures.

More Information

You can read more about my science fiction works at


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