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Choose your own publishing adventure, but don't forget the website

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

There is no one right way to share your story with the world, and there are so many options to share your work your way.

What do I mean?

You can choose to pursue traditional publishing. Where you’ll find an agent, query them to see if your book fits their needs, and if it's a good fit, work with the agent to find a publisher for your novel or work.

You can choose to self-publish or indie publish your book, using a now traditional ebook model where you sell a digital copy of your book for a set price on Amazon, another retailer, or through your website.

Or, you can choose to self-publish your book stories as a serial using a service like Kindle Vella, where you break your story up into smaller parts and publish the parts separately over time (more on my experience with Kindle Vella later).

These all have pros and cons. Traditional publishing can connect you with big retailers out of the gate, but you lose some rights to your work.

Self or indie publishing allows you to retain the rights to your book, but you have to promote and find an audience for your book yourself.

Regardless of the option you choose, your readers need to find your story, and they need to learn about you, the author, so you can build a space for them to see more of your works as you continue to publish.

How can we help?

You need a web presence to help readers find you and your work. Preferably a low-maintenance space so you can focus on your craft rather than maintaining a website.

We make it easy and affordable for you to quickly build your worry-free web presence.

More so, we’re building a writer community so you can connect with other authors to learn tips, tricks, and best practices from your contemporaries.

When you purchase your web presence, you gain access to our valuable Book Promotion Toolkit, which includes curated promotional items ready for you to customize, a social media how-to guide, and a press release how-to guide.

We want to see you thrive, and we hope we can help you on your author journey.

Have any questions? We’d love to hear from you.

Shoot us an email about or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram @TheAuthorWebsite.


P.S. In my next post, learn why I chose to publish in a serial format using Kindle Vella.

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