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How to Sell Your Book Today: Focus your book marketing for the new digital economy

How can you sell your book in today's new world of social distancing?

There's never been a better time to sell a book. More people are reading. Last year, book sales were the highest they have been in 15 years with 627 million units sold.

But more people are writing books, also. More than one million new books are published each year in the United States. That means that the competition to get your book noticed is fierce.

So how do you market your book when you can't hold an in-person event of more than a few people? Go digital.

In How to Sell Your Book Today independent publisher and author Karen Hodges Miller gives practical suggestions and marketing plans to help authors navigate the new world of digital marketing. From setting up your book on Amazon to virtual book launch plans to using podcasts to attract new readers, Karen's book lists hundreds of ideas for authors to use-many of them at low or no cost.

Karen's motto is, "The day you aren't marketing your book is the day you aren't selling your book." How to Sell Your Book Today will help every author-from the novice to experienced authors with several books under their belts-develop a plan to sell their book.

The day you're not marketing your book is the day you are not selling it.

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Karen Hodges Miller helps people write, publish and market books.
She is CEO and publisher at Open Door Publications, a company that specializes in helping authors navigate the world of publishing in the 21st century. The company assists both published and first-time authors with the wide variety of skills and tasks needed to successfully write, publish and market a book.
Karen herself has written eight books, both fiction and nonfiction, as well as countless newspaper and magazine articles in her 30-year career. Prior to How to Sell Your Book Today, her latest book on publishing and writing is Self-Publishing: You Can Do This!
You can find out more about Karen Hodges Miller at www.OpenDoorPublications.com, on Twitter @Publisher_KHM, as well as on LinkedIn and www.facebook.com/OpenDoorPublications.

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