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5 Writing Prompts: Evil Unicorn Edition

Looking for inspiration? Here are 5 evil unicorn writing prompts for a change of pace.

🦄 Writing Prompt 1: The Unicorn’s Curse 

A prosperous kingdom thrives under the protection of a unicorn known as the Guardian of Light. But when a plague strikes the land, a desperate prince learns that the unicorn's blessings come at a dreadful cost: a curse that ensures its power grows with each soul it condemns. 

Will he confront the unicorn or find another way to save his people?

🦄 Writing Prompt 2: The Festival of Deception 

Every year, the town of Harmonia celebrates the Festival of the Unicorns, where these majestic creatures bestow luck and prosperity. However, when a curious child follows a unicorn after the festival, she discovers a hidden cave filled with enchanted trinkets that bind the townsfolk to the unicorns' will. 

Can she free her town from their control?

🦄 Writing Prompt 3: The Unicorn’s Pact 

In the peaceful hamlet of Willow's End, unicorns are seen as the guardians of peace and harmony. A traveling bard, however, uncovers a dark pact between the unicorns and the village elders—a pact that involves sacrificing the most talented children to maintain the unicorns' magical abilities. 

Will the bard reveal the truth or be silenced forever?

🦄 Writing Prompt 4: Unicorn King’s Revenge 

After centuries of peace, the mythical land of Lumina is thrown into chaos when the banished Unicorn King returns with a thirst for vengeance. His once majestic horn now radiates dark energy, and he seeks to reclaim the throne by any means necessary. 

Can the kingdom's heroes stop his reign of terror?

🦄 Writing Prompt 5: The Dark Forest Conspiracy 

In the enchanted forest of Everwood, unicorns are revered as sacred creatures. But when the forest's inhabitants start disappearing, the once-beloved unicorns become the prime suspects. 

Who will uncover the truth behind their sinister transformation and the dark magic that controls them?



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