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5 Writing Prompts: Sunflower Edition

Looking for inspiration? Here are 5 sunflower-focused writing prompts to help your creativity grow (pun intended).

🌻 Prompt 1: Magic Sunflower 

In a quiet village where each family has a magical plant that defines their fate, the protagonist inherits the last surviving sunflower from their grandmother. This sunflower has the power to control the sun's movements. 

What conflicts arise as they learn to wield this power? How does it affect the village's delicate balance of day and night?

🌻 Prompt 2: Book of the Sunflower

In a sprawling fantasy world, your character finds an ancient, crumbling book written in a forgotten language. Oddly enough, every page features intricate drawings of sunflowers, each slightly different from the last. 

As they begin to decode the messages, what secrets about the world's creation and the sunflowers' power over life and death are unveiled?

🌻 Prompt 3: A Sunflower Rebellion

In a dystopian future where nature is banished, and cities are technologically sealed from the environment. Your character, a rogue botanist, secretly grows a sunflower that can purify vast amounts of polluted air. 

How does this sunflower become both a symbol of rebellion and a target for the oppressive government?

🌻 Prompt 4: The Sunflower Festival

The annual Sunflower Festival marks the end of summer. However, this year, something is amiss: the sunflowers have bloomed in a deep shade of red. Your character, a novice mage, discovers that the flowers predict the coming of a great peril. 

How do they use this knowledge to save their town?

🌻 Prompt 5: The Sunflower Labyrinth

Your protagonist stumbles upon a hidden labyrinth made entirely of towering sunflowers on the edge of their town. Inside, they meet an ageless keeper who promises that at the center of the maze lies a secret powerful enough to change one's destiny. 

What trials do they face inside, and what truth awaits them at its heart?

Happy Writing!



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