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Why Choose Self-Publishing Over Traditional Publishing?

self publish your book

In the world of book publishing, we authors often find ourselves at a crossroads: Should we pursue the traditional route or dive into self-publishing? Both paths have their merits, but self-publishing offers unique advantages that can be particularly useful for modern writers looking to build an independent following.

Here’s why you might consider self-publishing over traditional publishing.

➡️ Keep your Creative Control

One of the most compelling reasons to self-publish is the level of creative control it offers you. As an indie author, you have the final say over every aspect of your book—from the cover design to the editing to the marketing strategy.

This autonomy allows you to create a product that truly reflects your vision without compromise​​​​.

➡️ Speed to Market

Traditional publishing can be a lengthy process, often taking years from the initial query to seeing your book on shelves. Self-publishing, on the other hand, allows for a much faster timeline. You can go from final manuscript to published book in a matter of weeks or months, giving you the opportunity to capitalize on market trends​​ or to keep your readers hooked on your series.

➡️ Earn Higher Royalties

While traditional publishers sometimes offer advances, the royalty rates can be relatively low, usually between 10-15%. Self-published authors typically earn a higher percentage of royalties, sometimes up to 70% of the book's price, depending on the platform.

You might not get an advance, you can potentially earn more per book sold​​, if you have even a small following you could generate more income than with a larger distribution.

➡️ You Maintain Flexibility and Innovation

Self-publishing platforms such as Kindle Vella allow authors to experiment with formats like serialized fiction, which can engage readers in new and exciting ways. This flexibility enables you to adapt quickly to changes in the market and reader preferences​.

You can turn an eBook series into a serial or other creative format without needing to ask your publisher.

➡️ An Instant Global Reach

Digital platforms give self-published authors immediate access to a global audience. You can distribute your book worldwide without needing the extensive distribution networks that traditional publishers rely on. This global reach can help you find niche audiences that traditional publishers might overlook​.

➡️ Direct Connection with your Readers

Self-publishing provides a direct line to your readers, allowing for greater engagement and community building. Platforms often include features that enable reader interaction, reviews, and feedback, helping you build a loyal fan base and tailor your future works to meet their preferences​.

Creating a deeper, more intimate connection with readers allows you to gain long-term readers which translates into more earned revenue.

➡️ Maintain your Ownership and Rights

With self-publishing, you retain full ownership of your work. This means you have complete control over future editions, adaptations, and any potential derivative works. Traditional publishers typically acquire some rights to your book, which can limit your control over its future​.

Maintaining your rights allows you to publish in different formats. Often book rights are broken down by location and format. If you own all the rights you can turn your eBook into an audio book without needing to find another distributor.

➡️ The Choice is yours

While self-publishing requires you to take on many roles, from writer to marketer to publisher, the benefits of creative control, speed to market, higher royalties, and direct reader engagement make it an attractive option if you want to build your own writing brand.

If you go the self-publishing route, we're here to help. We can't write the book for you, but we can provide you with the tools you need to market your book and get your first sale.



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