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Why an Author Website?

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

by Nicole Loughan

Author, Best-Selling Saints Mystery Series

When my first book came out I knew to be successful I had to have a web presence. But, I had zero website-building knowledge. I set off on a Google walkabout to figure out how to make a website.

I made my first author website on WordPress and it only took me... six months to get it right. I had to learn about hosting, URLs, and how to do some basic HTML.

I was especially proud of my first basic site just using a WP template and a few silly pictures. After six months I'd learned enough to build some interactive elements like a slider (this is the main page image that changes on a schedule).

I didn't love the look and adding books and pictures was hard, so I re-made the site. Still in WordPress, but this time I added more features, a blog, and a store to purchase my items. I was pretty proud, but there was still more work to be done. I went from Wix to Weebly to Square Space, and finally back to Wix, where we are today.

In total, it took me nine years to learn how to code a site properly. It was actually such a difficult skill that those sites I built led to a change in my employment trajectory. After I showed them off to a few people I found myself hired to maintain websites for some pretty important companies.

From the first day I set out to learn how to make an author website I thought that there had to be an easier way. There has to be a way for people to make a site without knowing anything about codes or URLs.

Finally, I've built that tool: The Author Website.

I don't want another author to have to spend years away from their craft learning to build a website. Let us help you with that.

The Author Website includes all of the features that I needed to get started as an author on the web. A place to tell a little about the author, a little about the books, and most importantly a way to buy the books.

When you are ready for more you can upgrade to a semi-custom site, start a blog, and collect visitors. Or, we can help you add a Facebook or Twitter feed.

If you want to go all out, you can get a full custom site at an affordable price and we can walk you through that process too.

I hope that you enjoy The Author Website as much as I do. Now you can get on the web in less than 10 minutes and get back to writing!

Now for the part where I say buy my stuff! To get started visit our membership page signup for a seven-day free trial to check it out for yourself.



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